Spanish Translation and Dark Theme

We have created a new release again with some goodies! There are two big additions: Spanish translation and a brand new dark theme. We have many users from Spanish speaking countries, this translation helps them to understand the app easier. … Read More

German Translation

In our latest update we have added German translation. Now the app is available in three languages: English, Italian and German! This will help all of our users in Deutschland to better understand the app. Other interesting new features: If … Read More

Material design is here!

It is often said that better late than never. This is truly the case for Algeo’s long overdue material design revamp. After a long time, it has finally arrived. It features the latest recommendations and guidelines from Google to make … Read More

ASO Services: ASODesk vs MobileAction

ASO is pretty important for the marketing of your app, especially for small developers: it is a free way to bring in more users. There are tons of different tools that help you track keywords and discover new ones. In … Read More

Copy & paste – Version 1.19 released!

This version’s main feature is copy&paste in the calculator interface. As you can see on the video, you have to long-click on the formula you want to copy to place it on the clipboard. After that you can paste it … Read More

Version 1.1.8 is released!

This is a long overdue release with mainly bug fixes such as the following: Sometimes parts of a graph became invisible (especially sqrt and ln functions). These are fixed now. There were rounding issues with certain kind of numeric computations. … Read More

Upgrade the old Java version

The story of Algeo goes back a long time when Android was something new and a smartphone meant iPhone. The main platform for develop mobile devices was Java ME back then. So we started develop Algeo for Java. But after … Read More

New Homepage

Finally the new homepage is ready. The previous one was ugly and contained a lot of old and obsolete information about the J2ME version of the app which is no longer developed. It confused a lot of people sending questions … Read More