Finally the new homepage is ready. The previous one was ugly and contained a lot of old and obsolete information about the J2ME version of the app which is no longer developed. It confused a lot of people sending questions about features that do not exist in the Android app. I hope this new format will help everybody to find the information he searches.

We have a new FAQ page which lists the questions I met regularly. I wanted to make clear answers for them. If you still think it’s confusing send a mail to help me making a better explanation. I also updated the manual to match the manual in the app itself. However, this manual should be rewritten: it needs more examples and better description texts.

The News section will describe the new features in the new versions of the app. I also plan to add some tips about the calculator describing some useful techniques. If you have something you want to share with others then send it and we will post it.

Now it’s time to see the app in action!


  1. towaha

    how can i get the activation code of algeo calculator?

    • vegesm

      There’s no activation code for the Android version. The old Java version of the calculator is no longer developed.

  2. kiya

    hi, i have the normal version and when i want to upgrade the college version,it requires register key,..but i dont know it,so help me!

  3. Hussein

    How can I upgrade college version?

  4. Ste

    Love the calculator, really functional and by far the best I’ve found on android. But is there any way to remove ads? Its a big irritation in an otherwise brilliant app.

  5. Volkan

    The program is absolutely succeeding.
    Is there any document about programming or using mod function, It would be better if there is a manual..

  6. Volkan

    Is there any manual for programming or using mod function?

    • vegesm

      Hi, thank you for pointing out that it was missing in the manual. We have updated it on the website and going to update it in the app as well.

      The way mod works: mod(a,m) returns the remainder of a regarding to m. Example:
      mod(6,4) returns 2.

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