The story of Algeo goes back a long time when Android was something new and a smartphone meant iPhone. The main platform for develop mobile devices was Java ME back then. So we started develop Algeo for Java. But after a time it was obvious that Java for mobile devices is declining and Android is coming up. Due to the fact that Android can be programmed in Java it was easy to port the app to Android. For a long time we had the Android and the J2ME version develop side by side.

But the Java version became less and less popular so we stopped developing the old version and took it off from our webpage. As the Upgrade page was part of this clean up people couldn’t upgrade their old Java version anymore. Now we brought that page back as lots of people asked for it.

You can upgrade your Algeo caclulator here:


  1. Kenneth Hutley

    There is no menu option present for me to select. I have a htc evo 4g lte and menu options are usually place at the top which is not on this app. So I can’t used the graphing function.

  2. Temesgen mulatu

    I like this nice technology for my engineering job.

  3. m4GCLrgSQlIvM

    936158 116266Merely wanna state that this really is really beneficial , Thanks for taking your time to write this. 47041

  4. Minyahil Tefera

    i like this software for statstics

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