We have recently introduced a set of constants in the calculator. These covers a range of different numbers from as simple as the speed of light to the Planck constant. Now you can quickly type in your calculations, no need … Read More

Infinite Tables!

In our latest update we have optimized how the table function works. It used to have a not too efficient implementation that couldn’t handle a lot (not more than thousand) of lines. We have improved the code quite a bit … Read More

Graphing improvements

We have been working recently on improving the graphing interface to make it easier to use! Let’s see what has been changed in the last couple of months: Independent zooming of the axes: this was one of the most frequently … Read More

Share your solutions with others!

In the last couple of month we worked hard to add new features to the app. From now on, you can share your solution with your friends! With a single tap, they will be able to get your results and … Read More

Spanish Translation and Dark Theme

We have created a new release again with some goodies! There are two big additions: Spanish translation and a brand new dark theme. We have many users from Spanish speaking countries, this translation helps them to understand the app easier. … Read More

German Translation

In our latest update we have added German translation. Now the app is available in three languages: English, Italian and German! This will help all of our users in Deutschland to better understand the app. Other interesting new features: If … Read More

Material design is here!

It is often said that better late than never. This is truly the case for Algeo’s long overdue material design revamp. After a long time, it has finally arrived. It features the latest recommendations and guidelines from Google to make … Read More

ASO Services: ASODesk vs MobileAction

ASO is pretty important for the marketing of your app, especially for small developers: it is a free way to bring in more users. There are tons of different tools that help you track keywords and discover new ones. In … Read More

Copy & paste – Version 1.19 released!

This version’s main feature is copy&paste in the calculator interface. As you can see on the video, you have to long-click on the formula you want to copy to place it on the clipboard. After that you can paste it … Read More

Version 1.1.8 is released!

This is a long overdue release with mainly bug fixes such as the following: Sometimes parts of a graph became invisible (especially sqrt and ln functions). These are fixed now. There were rounding issues with certain kind of numeric computations. … Read More