Android CoordinatorLayout insetEdge

The CoordinatorLayout view in Android lets you create views that change their positions relative to each other. You can attach Behaviors to the children of a CoordinatorLayout that control how one view should change its properties relative to others. For … Read More

Featured on App of the Day!

The calculator was recently featured on the App of the Day newsletter of It is a newsletter with more than 700k subscribers so we are quite proud of being part of it. The newsletter also contains a short interview … Read More

Linux Server on an Android Phone

A little while ago I wanted to set up a small home server to host some pages. I could have just used some free web hosting but where is the fun in that? So I checked what old devices I … Read More

Parametric Plots & Statistics

It’s been a while since we wrote a summary on the new features in the calculator. In this post, I’ll collect the latest updates. Let’s start with the function that most people asked for: basic statistical and probability functions! You … Read More

Inside Windows Registry

The Windows Registry is a central storage for settings in Windows, and also a popular target of hacks to enable/disable obscure features. But how does it work? Where does it store all the data? What options are available in it? … Read More

Lockable Graph Axes

Since our last post, 4 updates were sent to Google Play. Many of these were small adjustments and bugfixes. But there are two large features I want to talk about now. First, we made the keyboard slideable. You can easily … Read More

Migrating from Mercurial to Git

Migration At Algeo we used Mercurial for version control at Bitbucket. We made the choice of using Hg seven years ago, when the popularity contest between Git and Hg wasn’t over yet. Mercurial has the advantage that it was written … Read More

Polar plots

We have released a new version, with polar coordinate graphs added. Polar coordinates are a useful type of graphs: you can draw circles and spirals with them. Instead of having x-y pairs, you have rotation and radius pairs: the radius … Read More

Complex Numbers

In the recent update of the app, we have included the handling of complex numbers. From now on, if you calculate sqrt(-1), the result is i. All the functions handle complex numbers so cos(i) works as well. Complex numbers are … Read More

Rational Arithmetic and Min/Max in Graphs

We have added two new exciting features to the calculator in the recent months. Let’s see what those are! Many people asked to display the result of the additions of rational numbers as fraction instead of decimals. This can be … Read More